Flappy Panda - Is a game from fun!!!



Last updated:2021-12-04




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Q: How is this online? A: It's online as in, it's uploaded to the mBlock website, it was named this way so that people from google know that it's online and that you don't have to download something! THIS IS NOT MULTIPLAYER! This is a replica based off the iOS version of the game called flappy bird, with extra improvements added for enjoyment! :) Works best on touchscreen! :D Credit to .GEARS Studios for the Images and Sounds. www.dotgears.com If you never got a chance to play Flappy Bird after the devoloper pulled it From the app store, this project is for you! *DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible in any way, shape, or form for any broken monitors and/or computers due to playing this game. Please play responsibly.


And press up to fly too! Click, Tap, Or Press Space to fly! Avoid hitting the green pipes!(red if you're in impossible)