Smart Safety Box for family



Last updated:2021-10-17




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We created a robot - based automation tool where this robot is able to sterilize goods around our homes. This robot also has a role to do health checks and prescribe which drugs are recommended or vitamins to support our health. We created this robot to be able to detect the fruit or vegetable consumed by us are still fresh or not. This robot can also detect if you are wearing a mask or not. This robot also can sterilize a room before you enter or leave.


-We put things we want to sterilize at the box -We can activate the sterilize robot with ultrasonic sensor and each sterilize its around 10 seconds -We can use the robot to detect the fruit or vegetables still good or not using the Learning Machine -The robot system can also check health condition from family -You need to stand in front of the camera on the computer and it will say if you are wearing a mask, if you're not wearing one there will be a box filled with masks, vitamins and hand sanitizer