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This project is created by Muhammad Arsyad Hakim and Ilmam Aiham from SK Sultan Ibrahim 1, Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Problems : There are certain things in life which you have to do whether you like it or not. One of such things is household chores which all moms can’t avoid. Nowadays, every mom around this world has the same problems. They need to sweep and mop the floors at their house. Dust is everywhere. They need to clean up everyday. Busy moms exhausted to do the same house chores. They need to spend more time and energy for that tasks so they have less leisure time for themselves. According to the problems listed above , we decide to create an auto cleaner robot as a helper. It is a sustainable auto cleaner. It can sweep and mop the floors at the same time . It is user friendly because all of the members in the family can control it. This helper will make all moms around the world will smile broadly.


Instructions: This robot consists of a bottle of drinking water and two mops. The first mop connected to the bottle of water and it's primary function is to wet the floor. Wheres, the second mop used to dry the floor How does it function ? It's very easy to manage. It can be controlled by mobile phone using bluetooth. Firstly , fill in the bottle with some plain water. Switch on the robot and turn on the Bluetooth button on the mobile phone. It will detect the signal automatically. Then, control the robot in forward, backward, left and right directions. The robot will function as an auto cleaner Strengths : 1. User friendly 2. Eco - friendly 3. Save time and energy 4. Minimum cost 5. Longer life span 6. Easy to manage 7. Safety first