Four player among us



Last updated:2021-09-08




0M/ 0.8M


This an among us game which requires four people. Pls read the instructions or you will not know how to play.


To move green use arrow keys To move cyan use ijkl To move yellow use tfgh To move red use wasd Red is the imposter. Use x to kill( of course, you have to be near a crewmate) It is possible to kill two crewmates with one kill. Press z to sabotage. You have no cooldown in sabotaging. the red block at the bottom is the sabotage place . If any crewmate goes there, the sabotage will be normal. For the imposter to win, He/she must sabotage and the crewmates cant fix it or kill all the crewmates. For the crewmates to win, They must finish all the tasks. to do a task, you must step on a download data (there are 5 of them) for 2 seconds. If all 5 tasks are complete, the crewmates win