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Hello, my name is Kawee Deeruksa. I am from Piboonbumpen Demonstration School, Thailand. I am 11 years old. Today I will present about the “All in Four Family Care Cetaceans”. Since the theme is family care, this robot is full of family care features and functions. My project is for helping families at home in the COVID-19 pandemic. Most parents still go to work and kids are left with their grandparents. So, my project needs to help both kids and grandparents. I decided to make 3 modules. Stay Far Bot, Grandma Watch and Dolphin Mom. Stay Far Bot keeps kids from getting too close to the TV. Grandma Watch helps grandparents. And Dolphin Mom helps with kids. And there is also a core module that can control all other modules. There is also a communication feature. All modules can communicate with each other. And the Dolphin Mom also has a 3D Printed Part.


Stay Far Bot: Turn on Halocode and CyberPi when watching TV. Grandma Watch: Plug the battery into grandma watch. Dolphin Teacher: Turn CyberPi on and slide the joystick to the left. Core module: Turn on any device that supports mblock 5. Load the "All in Four Family Care Cetaceans". Click the green flag and click power on. Log in and click "Modules". Features and functions Stay Far Bot: 1. Stay Far Feature 2. TV Schedule Grandma Watch 3. Falling Alarm 4. Grandma Schedule Dolphin Mom 5. Let's Learn Online 6. Teaching Extra Things 7. Mommy Warning 8. Parents Advice 9. Food Record 10. Baby Lullaby 11. Movable Robot Core Module 12. Family Users and Guest mode 13. Communication 14. Family search 15. TV Logs 16. Grandma Falling Logs 17. Dolphin Mom Logs 18. Score 19. Extra Settings Cetacean Project Link: Release Notes Link:


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